Nathaniel Heely is the fiction nom de plume for Nate Rankin. He employs various psuedonyms, monikers, nicknames and identities all over the internet, most of which are private and none of your business. 

After graduating from the University of Arkansas in December 2013, Heely proceeded to get rejected by the MFA programs of Texas Michener Center (twice), Texas New Writers Program (three times), Iowa (twice), UC Irvine (twice), Houston (twice), Boston University (twice), Arkansas (three times including a waitlist), Vanderbilt (twice), Brown, Syracuse, Alaska Fairbanks, Arizona, UMass Amherst and Texas State. 

His work has appeared in many places including Burrow Press Review, The Citron Review, Perihelion Science Fiction, Revolver, Used Gravitrons,  East Coast Literary Review, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, decomP, Workers Write!, New Pop Lit, Mary: A Journal of New Writing and The Gambler. He attends Chapman University in Orange, California where he is the Fiction Editor of Anastamos. He also mucks about on Twitter @CommanderSeamus 

What People Are Saying

"This is a great piece." -Luke Finsaas Editor-in-Chief Revolver

"Fantastic. You rule." -Alison Williams, Editor-in-Chief Anastamos Interdisciplinary Journal

"You have a gift for writing" -My high school Spanish teacher. 

"Delicious. Write more." -My former pastor. 

"Bro you cool Af real talk you the coolest teacher I had this year" -Former Student

"You're getting old." -My sister